Location - Yaukuve Island

Great Astrolabe Reef

The Great Astrolabe Reef is a top world's scuba diving site. The Reef encompasses Kadavu Island, Ono Island and other small islands within a natural protective lagoon. It is certainly the best destination for scuba diving in Fiji.

There are three major passes into the Great Astrolabe Reef, classified as anoceanic ribbon reef. The outer reef falls steeply 100ft/30m, followed by gentle sediment and rubble covered slopes to a depth of over 200ft/60m.

In some areas parts of the reef have separated from the broad crest and formed pinnacles with valleys in between them. Depths in these valleys are as shallow as 15-30ft/5-10m. There are numerous caverns and caves at all depths. Beyond this the reef wall drops more than 1600m to the ocean floor.

Outside the lagoon, visibility while diving is up to 25 metres. Inside the lagoon, the it's generally lower, averaging around 12 metres.

Great Astrolabe Reef can be described as a divers delight. Forth world's largest barrier reef, it's rated as one of the world's premier diving locations, the best scuba diving in Fiji.

Its waters are home to over 1.500 species of sea life.The reef is a breeding ground for many large billfish (marlin) species, sharks, tuna, giant trevally, mahi-mahi (dolphinfish) and snapper, due to it having many channels leading from extremely deep water into shallow lagoons.

Great Astrolabe Reef Scuba Diving Fiji long regarded as a world-class scuba diving destination, also provides perfect uncrowded and hassle-free surfing.